What Does Tango Do?

Tango is happy when he is busy. When Tango isn’t busy he gets himself into trouble. What kind of trouble? Well let’s see. Tango unlocks his stall door and gets out. Sometimes he goes into the garden and eats flowers and other times he lets other horses out of the pasture. Tango does not like to be bored!

Tango does lots of things to stay busy. He loves to take kids for rides. When he does that, he’s slow and gentle as can be. Tango is a giant. Some of the kids who ride him are tiny!

When Tango sees a treat he moves like lightening. Tango loves his carrots and apples!

He loves attention too. He gets lots of attention when I take him to shows. Sometimes we go to serious shows. Tango works hard to learn to move in just the right way. We take lessons together. We even practice in the winter when it’s cold.

Sometimes we can look in mirrors to see how we are doing. Other times people take videos for us to watch.

Tango drives a cart too. The cart Tango drives is called a Meadowbrook. He gets all hooked up to the cart and we go up and down the lane. Sometimes we even go to driving shows.

Tango wins lots of ribbons! Best of all, we have a terrific time!